Organization for professional screen actors.


Founded in 1933 to protect performers, the Screen Actor's Guild in a national union affiliated with The American Federation of Labor-Congress ofIndustrial Organizations (AFL-CIO) through the Associated Actors and Artists of America.

SAG's primary focus is on wages and working conditions for actors in film projects. As of now this covers both traditional film and the emerging digital video medium. SAG actors are supposed to work under SAG contracts at all times. There are a range of contracts that cover everything from student films and shorts made for director's reels to films with budgets in the 100 million plus range.

Projects filmed or taped for televison, however, fall under the aegis of AFTRA, the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists.

Note that the Bay Area SAG office is a combined SAG/AFTRA office.

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For any begining director or producer these three little letters, "A" "G" and "S" can cause endless iterations of anxiety when arranged to spell "SAG".

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